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Bring your vision of a new home to life when you partner with our established general contracting company in Norwell, MA. Families from across our area are adding the functionality they need to their existing homes and maintaining their roots in our community. Custom House Building & Development, LLC is a client-focused business that offers homeowners the opportunity to improve the value and appeal of their most significant asset.

When you and your family outgrow your existing home, our team provides you with a broad array of options to choose from. We take the time to ask you the critical questions regarding your goals as a family and your vision for the future. Our design specialists are ready to develop a plan for a new home that can become the center of your family life for years to come. We focus on the details of every plan to ensure your home provides you with decades of shelter from the world around you.

Our company was founded by Greg Hayes and Brian Camara, two individuals that were educated at some of the best schools in the area. After years of success in the construction business, they both formed our group with a focus on original designs and lasting quality. Their attention to detail extends to every aspect of the business.

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Streamlining Your Home Renovation

When you identify a neighborhood that meets all of your needs, the next step is finding the right home. Your family is unique, and many of the homes that make up your chosen neighborhood were built with other people in mind. Faced with this dilemma, some people give up on their dream community to find the right home, wherever that may be.

Our contractors and design specialists make it easy to renovate the home you found into the residence you desire. Tell us more about your location and the features you need to get the process started. Our approach to home renovation puts the owner in control of the process.

When you choose a renovation team with a background in new construction, you open up a world of possibilities. Change the molding to fit your décor, or completely reorient your kitchen to face the morning light. Our teams specialize in a number of carpentry services and so much more.

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The first step in this process is a discussion with our team. We are eager to share ideas and provide you with workable solutions. These ideas can run the gamut, from minor changes to the carpeting and counters to wholesale changes to plumbing and fixtures. Reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment to start the planning process.

Consultation & Planning

Set up a time for a comprehensive consultation with our design team and start sharing your ideas for home renovation. Tell us more about the colors and patterns you are interested in decorating with and the features you need for a modern lifestyle. Say goodbye to those cabinets from 1962 and the linoleum from 1975. Decorate with advanced vinyl and stone, and move your sink from one side of the kitchen to another.

Every home is different in some way, so we take the time to meet with the homeowner and see the space for ourselves. Our experience makes a difference when it comes time to knock down walls and replace plumbing fixtures. When the challenges you experience go beyond the kitchen tile color, the time may be right to build a new home.

Building New Homes

Choose one construction company capable of completing every aspect of your project. Our residential construction process keeps the client in control, so they are satisfied with their new home. Build something that lasts when you choose a construction company that shares your vision.

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